ur spooky-im rad
Curiouser and Curiouser.
WHO goes there
Harry Potter... OB-viously
Hai, I'm not that attractive.
A certain darkness is needed to see the stars.
Without which there would be no life.
The Dream Team
Walt Disney
Posted on 18th Sep at 1:08 AM

Is there any point in not doing it when everyday you feel the need to and it would make it so much easier because honestly I don’t think harming the body can make anything any worse until you get addicted but it can sooth everything in the mind.

Posted on 18th Sep at 1:05 AM, with 2 notes

I will never be good enough.
Fuck you for being everything I could ever want and wanting everyone but me.

Posted on 2nd Sep at 6:48 PM, with 1 note

i’m so fucking sad it’s stupid
all i do is negativly effect eveything around me
i upset the people i care about most
my sorrys aren’t good enough and neither am i.
i should just. stop. breathing.

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